Row houses in Sigulda

Row houses in Sigulda

Energy efficient timber frame row houses with the aim to provide a comfortable living environment for families

Key features

modular design

timber frame construction

efficient design for families

CO2 ZERO client that specializes in constructing energy-efficient wooden frame buildings is developing sustainable, climate neutral development in Sigulda, Latvia, which will house six row houses.

The development will be designed to be carbon neutral, and its energy-efficient modern design will make it an attractive option for families looking for a healthy and sustainable living environment. The development will include carefully planned common areas for children to play and exercise.

It will also feature energy-efficient systems such as solar panels and sustainable materials to reduce its environmental footprint. In addition, it will feature a variety of amenities, including green spaces, playgrounds, and other recreational areas.

CO2 ZERO's goal is to provide a new standard for suburban living, with an emphasis on providing a safe and comfortable living environment for families. The development will provide a space for families to come together, as well as a place for individuals to grow in an eco-friendly environment.

This development is the perfect example of how CO2 ZERO is committed to creating a more sustainable future through the use of energy-efficient designs. Houses will be spacious, with carefully designed layouts for families with children.

Efficient construction, HVAC and MEP systems will provide Clients with smallest possible utility bills. And wide storage spaces will allow keeping sport and leisure equipment without a headache.

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