Business center lobby interior

Business center lobby interior

Interior project inspired by the natural materials in order to create a cozy atmosphere for enjoying breaks in our busy daily lives

Key features

greenery as the focus

focus on interaction

minimal impact

The office building lobby of the Mukusalas business center block is designed with a carbon neutral and eco-friendly focus.

It is the center of action for the business center block, uniting high added value businesses and looking forward to a more sustainable future while rooted in their rich and knowledge-based history.

The lobby is designed to be multi-functional, to be used for morning coffee, daily lunch meetings, and evening parties. It is decorated with a modern aesthetic, using natural and low carbon emission materials.

The furniture is also made from sustainable and repurposed materials, creating an inviting and comfortable atmosphere.

The lobby also features energy efficient lighting, powered by renewable energy, and BREEAM Excellent certificate proves smart and efficient HVAC, MEP system usage.

The lobby also includes a variety of seating areas and tables for meetings, as well as a coffee and wine bar offering local and organic drinks.

As a finishing touch to the lobby, a lens depicting the history and future of the Mukusalas business center block will be installed, reflecting the knowledge-based history and future of the "Zeiss" building.

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