Single-family house

Single-family house

A house with reused materials on the facade, carbon negative construction materials and with a focus on fitting in the surrounding environment

Key features

repurposed elements

natural materials

designed for accessibility

The carbon neutral private house is designed to be the most energy efficient and sustainable home possible. It is designed to be completely carbon neutral, meaning that it produces as much energy as it consumes and does not contribute to global warming.

To achieve this, the house has been built using a range of sustainable materials, including recycled building materials from the house in which it will be built. Solar panels have been fitted to the roof to provide renewable energy, and outside window blinds, passive and active climate regulation systems have all been installed to ensure maximum energy efficiency.

Inside, the house has been designed to be comfortable and welcoming, with an emphasis on creating a family atmosphere. Spacious rooms and plenty of natural light have been included to create a warm and inviting home.

The house is intended to be used as a holiday home for the family, and to serve as a reminder of the childhood memories of the client, who will continue to live in and enjoy the home in the future.

This house is a prime example of how sustainable and carbon neutral homes can be built and enjoyed, while still being comfortable and attractive to live in. It serves as a reminder that it is possible to build homes that are both sustainable and comfortable to live in.

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