/ About us

CO2ZERO is a new energy-efficient and climate-neutral building design and construction
company, one of the first in the world to introduce climate-neutral building construction as
a norm rather than a requirement.

CO2ZERO blends knowledge and experience with tradition. CO2ZERO connects “Lode”, the leading
producer of ceramic building materials in the Baltics; "Master Industry", one of the most
energy-efficient manufacturers of wooden frame houses in Scandinavia; and world-renowned office
of architecture and design "7 A.M.".

Together, we established new design practices, focusing on future construction conventions.

By combining knowledge from architecture, construction, production and project management,
CO2ZERO offers environmental, people-friendly, climate-neutral and energy-efficient solutions,
from single-family homes to large-scale public projects.

CO2ZERO services guarantees quality assurance by collaborating with internationally acclaimed
architects, extensive construction experience, as well as world-renowned project managers.

/ team

Jānis Gavars

CEO / Partner

Eduards Beernaerts

Design Director / Partner

Ieva Leja

Lead Designer

Kitija Lorence


Valts Kasparāns

Project Lead